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Why ALT.N8

ALT.N8 : Alternate //An Alternative Choice

ALT.N8 // pronounced 'Alternate': the idea is to create an alternate to what’s currently on the market: Athleisure that’s stylish, affordable, and high-quality. On top of that, we’re taking the alternative to the fast fashion out there. We don’t want to produce items that shrink after a few washes, or that you no longer wear because the fit is different after a few wears. We want to create quality products that feels great and fits exceptionally well, products that stay in your daily rotations for seasons after seasons.

Fashionable. Affordable. Unparalleled craftsmanship. These are qualities that we emphasize in our collections. Our Design and inspiration: Simple, Plain, Minimalist, and yet detail oriented. We want our product to be an extension of your body. One that accentuates one's body figure and definition with our precise fit and choice of fabrics. Each piece of the item has gone through numerous of prototyping with the aim to give you a better fit, even if it's for just an inch, because we believe that is what makes the difference.

We want to promote being active, and our fit are especially tailored for any people with an active lifestyle. Let us be the bridge between your heroics at the gym or on the court to your efforts everywhere else. After all, you put in the hard work, it’s only fair that we flaunt it for you.We design our clothes with minimalism in mind so that you look dapper for years to come.