About ALT.N8

Why ALT.N8?

ALT.N8 : alternate //alternative

It means to give yourself options, choices instead of sticking to what’s convenient or what you’re used to. To give yourself a chance to change, to experience something new. We believe that switching it up can freshen your perception and together, create a whole new experience. To alternate from your regular jog and to go for a swim instead, or maybe opt for taking the bus instead of the subway. Make a habit of alternating - One day or Day One, you decide.

On top of that, we’re taking the alternative to the fast fashion out there. We don’t want to produce items that shrink after a few washes, that you no longer wear because the fit is different after a few wears. We want to create quality products that feel great and fits exceptionally well, products that stay in your daily rotations for seasons after seasons.
Fashionable. Affordable. Unparalleled craftsmanship. These are qualities that everyone looks for in clothing, and yet there still hasn't been a brand that consistently provides all three. Here at ALT.N8, we aim to change that. We pay attention to the very last thread. We design our clothes with minimalism in mind so that you look dapper for years to come.

Away from the humdrum of the mainstream, we are building a community that recognizes the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your body, career, and life. Let us be the bridge between your heroics at the gym or on the court to your efforts everywhere else. After all, you put in the hard work; it’s only fair that we flaunt it for you.

ALT.N8: An Alternative Choice 

Our Story:

ALT.N8 is actually a solution, more than just a brand.
It all started with a problem we had two years ago.

We were really having a tough time looking for menswear that fits well, feels good, plain enough for multiple occasion and also reasonably priced. We just can't.

Most of them are not providing them on a consistent basis.

That is when we decided to start this journey of bringing another player into the menswear field. And we are now inviting you to join and witness our journey.

Design and inspiration

Simple. Plain. Minimalist. Yet detail oriented.

We want our product to be an extension of your body. One that accentuates your body figure, your definition. You should be the one having the focus, not us. We never want to steal your well deserving attention away from you. We are just there to help you look even better through the precise fit and choice of fabrics.

Each piece of the item has gone through numerous of prototyping just to give you a better fit, even if it's for just an inch, if that’s what makes a difference, we are going to make that happen. That is how much we emphasize the fit of our products.

We also understand that matching outfits could be quite a hassle for some men. And for these men out there, we are here to save your day. In our collection, each and every piece could go well with literally the rest of the items. And each piece can go as a layering option or a stand-alone, both work equally well.

We have this idea to produce a product that could stay in your wardrobe all year round, a product that could last the test of time, in terms of both quality and style.


Why two ALT.N8 logo?

We have been through a lot to come to this stage, including the change of logo. We decided this is a part of the process and we want to share that with you. There are numerous hours and efforts put in behind each of our product. The lowercase logo is a symbol that everything starts somewhere and it also symbolizes the process we had along the way. We have that in each and every piece of our opening collection because we are embracing the journey and it's a story we would want to share with all of you. 

May we grow together, as a brand, as a whole.